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Віддайте свій голос на підтримку визнання автокефалії Церкви в Україні

Для тих, хто бажає долучитися до створення Української православної автокефальної церкви — можете надіслати лист на адресу Вселенського Партріарха.



His All-Holiness Bartholomew
Archbishop of Constantinople-New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch

Поштова адреса:

Rum Patrikliği, 342 20 Fener-Haliç, Istanbul, TURKEY — Туреччина

Офіс Великого Канцлера:
Archimandrite Andreas Sofianopoulos

Fax: +90 212 5319014
E-mail: ecpatr.grandchancellor@gmail.com

Офіс Синоду
Генеральний секретар синоду: Archimandrite Joachim Billis

Fax: +90 212.531.6533, +90 212.534.9037
E-mail: ecumenical.patriarchate@gmail.com

Щодо мови звернень (в порядку зменшення кількості працівників Патріархії, які мовою володіють):

— грецька / турецька;
— англійська;
— російська.

Під катом звернення англійською.

Subject: Humble appeal for blessing the Ukrainian Autocephalic Church.

________________, 1th May 2018.


His All-Holiness Bartholomew I,
Archbishop of Constantinople - New Rome and
Ecumenical Patriarch

Your All-Holiness!

In all humility and sincerity, I, ______________, a citizen of Ukraine, take this opportunity to write to you regarding the following.

The problem of granting autocephaly to the Ukrainian Church has remained topical for several past decades. Ukrainian state and church authorities have held a series of negotiations, carried out extensive analytical work and issued numerous statements and appeals, to which Your All-Holiness have so kindly given your attention.

To date, as Ukraine is opposing Russia aggression, the bestowal of the Tomos of autocephaly has become a matter of particular urgency. It is painful to see that the so-called ‘canonical church’ in Ukraine (Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate) is used as an instrument in the information war, having become the source of explicit anti-government rhetoric, and is getting involved in overtly anti-state activities. It is for this reason that many Ukrainian patriots have been urged to leave the said jurisdiction, having nowhere else to go and thus remaining non-practicing believers outside the salvific fold of the Mother Church.

On the other hand, the so-called non-canonical jurisdictions have established themselves as full-blooded local Christian Orthodox communities, who can unimpededly venerate their saints, pray in their native language, pay tribute to the memory of deceased heroes and remember their secular authorities. Thus, the basis for the true Church for the nation-state has been created. Unfortunately, those communities still bear the stigmata of ‘illegitimacy’.

The Tomos of autocephaly would realize the right of the nation to the local church, permitting Orthodox Ukrainians to be themselves without living under the control of foreign or hostile forces and normalize the relations of non-canonical communities with the rest of the Orthodox world. The bestowal of the Tomos is especially relevant given the annexation of the Kyiv Metropolis by the Moscow Patriarchate.

As the Ecumenical Patriarch and our Father, Your All-Holiness is the only person who is capable now of resolving this years-long issue. Therefore, I humbly ask for your positive response to the appeal of the President of Ukraine, who has stated that “in terms of historical, spiritual and state justice, Ukraine deserved the right to have the Ukrainian Autocephalous Church” and ask you to give the Tomos of autocephaly and your blessing to the Ukrainian Church, which would bring the long-awaited peace and recognition to Ukrainian believers.


Asking for your blessing and holy prayers for your flock in Ukraine,

Yours faithfully,


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